Amazon Top 10 Gift Guide

Amazon 7 December 2020
Amazon Top 10 Gift Guide

1. Emerald RGB 2.0 Floor Rocker

Price $149.99

The Emerald RGB 2.0 Floor Rocker is one of the first SMD LED rockers released in the United States.  Complete with padded armrests, a 2.0 stereo system, 30+ LED colors/combinations and a compact design, the Emerald is an ideal gift for youth and teen gamers alike. 


2. Hex Gaming Desk

Price $169.99

The Hex Gaming Desk is compact, easy-to-assemble, and designed with a vibrant Hex multi-color design printed on the surface. With a cupholder and headset hook, the Hex is a perfect option for both gamers and virtual learners. 


3. 24K 2.1 Bluetooth Floor Rocker 

Price $199.99

The 24K floor rocker may not be made out of real gold, but it sure is luxurious. ;) With a 2.1 Bluetooth sound system, padded armrests and large seating surface, this floor rocker is perfect for both youth and adult console gamers.


4. Limewire 2.1 Bluetooth Floor Rocker

Price $179.99

The Limewire is an all-new, supremely stylish pro floor rocker designed with a 2.1 Bluetooth sound system, padded armrests, and a wide seating surface fit for both kids and adults.  


5. Trident 4.1 Wireless Pedestal 

Price $329.99

The Trident is making waves in the gaming world. With X Rocker's all-new 5-Star geometric pedestal base, a 4.1 wireless audio system, and ultra-padded head and armrests, the Trident is sure to wow the most prestigious gamer in your life. 


6. Eclipse 2.0 Bluetooth Floor Rocker

Price $104.99

The Eclipse is a simple, compact floor rocker with a 2.0 Bluetooth sound system. It's perfect for youth console gamers, movie fanatics, and mobile gamers. As one of the most popular releases of the year, you'll want to get your hands on this one before it sells out. 


7. Mammoth 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal

Price $229.99

The all-new Mammoth pedestal is a take on America's favorite pedestal; the Pro Series 2.1 Pedestal.  With a sleek, luxurious, PU leather surface, 2.1 Bluetooth sound system, and heavily padded head and armrests, the Mammoth is sure to be a 2020 favorite.  


8. Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Floor Rocker

Price $249.99

The Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless floor rocker has been one of America's top-selling rocker chairs for more than 5 years.  With 4 built-in speakers, a backrest mounted subwoofer, vibration, and gunstock arms, we promise you that any gamer would be thrilled to open this up on Christmas Day. 


9. Galaxy 2.0 Bluetooth Floor Rocker


Price $89.99

Three words: Fun, Bluetooth, Rocker.  The Galaxy floor rocker features a 2.0 Bluetooth audio system and a galactic printed PU leather surface. We won't even mention the super low price of $89.99.


10. Pro Series 2.1 Wireless Pedestal


Price $269.99

We'd be lying if we said America's #1 Selling Pedestal Gaming Chair wasn't the perfect gift for all gamers in 2020. The Pro Series Pedestal is designed with gunstock armrests, a 2.1 control panel, vibration, and an ultra padded seat that takes the pressure off of the lower back. 



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